Important Tools

In many parts of the world, women are still regarded as non-important subjects with little or no rights to make choices for themselves.  However, even in many modern, third world countries, women have to fight for equality, respect and sometimes even their basic human rights.

Women’s Empowerment is a topic that became significant the world over.  Methods are employed to tackle this problem.  There are also many tools that can be used to help improve the situation for all women.

Tools that help make a difference in empowering women:

Education; plays a major role in empowering women.  Through improving women’s education can help to raise the levels of good health and better their knowledge on good nutrition.  When more knowledgeable about health and nutrition, better choices can be made.  Self-confidence is built through seeing the improvement of the choices made.  Good choices improve the health of women and children and increase their chances of survival.

However, education is not freely available to all women, despite big improvements worldwide, gender inequalities still persist.

The Internet; the fast-growing access to the web, allows many women the use of different tools on the Internet to empower themselves.  Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used for organizing activism campaigns and the voicing of opinions regarding equality and women’s rights.  Blogging also became a very powerful way to gain knowledge and improving educational empowerment for women.

Women can now study from home, learning new skills through new technology.

There still remain many barriers to women’s empowerment.  Barriers ingrained in the cultures and structures of countries.  At “Justice for Women” we work towards the goal of reaching each and every woman and female child and empowering them.