To empower women through the different cycles of their lives, they will need education, recognition and inspiration; this is a goal which we work towards at Justice for Women.

The empowerment of women refers to their ability to fully enjoy their right to have control over their lives, to benefit from their income, assets and available resources.  It also includes the control of their own time and the management of risks taken to improve their status and well-being.

Through the improvement of education for women, the levels of knowledge about health and nutrition will raise, and increase well-being.  Education increases self-confidence which will lead to finding better jobs and engaging in debates to make demands for better social security and health care.

Education is just one of the important tools that can be used to empower women to make the best choices to improve their own and their children’s lives and situation.  Having the knowledge to participate in all areas of life as an equal member of society is seen as one of the most beneficial ways to empower women.

We at Justice for Women knows how crucial education, specifically, and also other methods, can be in the empowerment