7 Reasons Why Most Women Can Become Exceptionally Good In Network Marketing

Network marketing is a form of direct selling with very flexible hours and flexible business models.  It can work for both working women and mums staying at home with the kids.  Other than the flexibility of the hours, the business type and the workplace, it can also deliver huge financial rewards.  And, the best of all is that women excel in this type of marketing.

7 Reasons Why Women Is Doing Well In Marketing Online:

  1. Women are very good at Multi-tasking: In network marketing, multi-tasking is a great quality to have.  You need to be versatile and able to do a lot of different things in the marketing business.
  2. Open, friendly and very good at Communicating: Women share information as well as their thoughts in a more open manner than men will do.  They tend to say the thoughts on their minds and in this way open up other discussions.  In this way, the conversation can cover all angles and ensure that the job gets done properly.
  3. Quick at Learning New Things: The ability to take in, and learn new things, quickly, is a great advantage to have.  The willingness to learn all they need to know to grow a business is why many women become successful in network marketing.
  4. Being Sociable: Marketing is a business that is done mostly on a social level.  You need to be sociable, which is something most women are very good at.  The biggest part of direct selling is being done while being sociable.
  5. Good Leadership: Women and men in leadership roles operate very differently in how they perform these roles.  Research showed that women and their methods of leadership came out on top.  The reasons seem to be the fact that they can communicate better, show empathy, and have a better and clearer vision and perspective in their long-term approach.
  6. Less Intimidating: Men tend to be more intimidating than women in the ways that they communicate and share information.  Women, on the other hand, might try to befriend new people they meet before they approach them about business.
  7. A Welcoming, Nurturing Approach: In general women tend to be more friendly and welcoming.  This approach makes people feel more comfortable and easy in their company.

With all these mentioned reasons and the right kind of motivation, women can grow a strong, successful Marketing team.

4 Facts On Why Research Showed That Women Are The Superior Sex When It Comes To Marketing

A remarkable number of research case studies showed that female marketers outperform their male marketer counterparts.  Results may show that the top paid, most senior marketer, is a man, but that the best marketer in a team actually turns out to be a woman.

A Woman’s brain works very differently from a man’s brain.  Even though all foetuses start out with a female brain, genes and hormones take over after eight weeks, and in the case of male children, the destruction of cells in the communication centres of the brain takes place.  However, the female brain just continues to grow without any change.

The unaltered brain of the female responds in very different ways to the distress of persons around them and tends to be more sensitive and far better with communicating with others.

4 Facts Why Women are Better marketers than men:

  1. An Empathetic Brain: Women are better at understanding other people.  They can develop strategies that are based on the real wants and needs of customers, not only what they think their customers should be thinking.  They have the very important skill of empathy, therefore, seeing and feeling what customers need.
  2. A Brain that can identify the Competition: For this, the brain uses the skills for focus and aggression, (actually more of a male brain thing).  The female brain provides more processing power and has a greater thought-linking capacity because it is more densely packed with dendrites and neurons.
  3. A Brain Providing Better Marketing Research: The right side and the left side of the brain use different types of processing methods to utilize information.  Left is more logical and analytical, where the right is more intuitive and holistic in its approach.  Both types of reasoning are needed in marketing.  The female brain can integrate and combine these different ways of thinking, whereas, male marketers will use only one approach.
  4. A Brain that Ages Well: The blood flow to a women’s brain is faster than that of a man.  This keeps the effects of ageing at bay.  Men will lose brain tissue faster with ageing than a woman would.

Even though the majority of clients might be male, the top 10 list of marketers shows that women outnumber men with a vast majority.  A woman’s brain is far better suited and equipped to a marketing career than their male counterparts.

5 Ways To Inspire And Motivate Women To Become Successful In Everything They Aspire To Do


To Inspire and Motivate people can have very powerful results.  But, to Inspire and Motivate is not easy to accomplish.  Do you want to make a difference in someone else’s life?  Then you should consider the following ways in which you can inspire and motivate another.

5 Ways That Can Help Towards Inspiring and Motivating Women:

  1. Give a Sincere Smile and Sincere Compliments; a small positive compliment can go a long way to make a person’s day. Regardless of how bad a day was going, an honest, sincere smile, together with that small compliment can change the negative to a positive.
  2. Show that you Care; show it through your words and your actions. Asking questions is a very powerful way to show your interest in each and every aspect of everything that is being done.
  3. Always be Trustworthy; if you are told a secret, keep that secret. To build trust can take a long time to build, but to be broken, can take only one second.  Keep away from gossips and rather show a positive influence that will make people feel comfortable around you.
  4. Pay Attention when you are Listening; do not only hear the words that are being said, try to understand their meaning. Make the effort to comprehend what is said, while making eye-contact with the person speaking.  Ask question to better understand.
  5. Treat All Persons Equally; regardless of our race, religion, gender, political preferences, age, and so many other factors, we are all equal as human beings. Love and care should not be influenced by any of these irrelevant factors.  Treat people how you would like to be treated and how they shall like to be treated.

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Always deliver constructive Criticism when asked for.  Use a positive manner, but always be confident in what you say and do.  Always keep your promises and stay true to yourself.  Being a good role model can be just as inspiring and motivating as anything that you can do.